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The BrandX Company strives to educate families and businesses about real estate. Our Consulting Services are fully catered to your needs in real estate. Our team of experts can provide you with current trends in the market, and the best road to take to make your goals possible. 


Need help with solutions for your business. Our team of experts are ready to guide you to improve your business.

Property Construction

Our in house contractors work everyday bringing a idea to reality. From dream homes to rental communities, we hold the highest standard for construction practices.

Property Valuations

Valuations of a potential development property can be tricky. Our team will look at every option available for our clients to insure their vision is achieved.

Investment Opportunities

We have been working to help find ways for investors to be apart of everything that The BrandX Company has to offer. We continue to look for profitable projects so that investors can Invest and see returns on investments. Connect with us to get more information about how you can invest with us. 

Project Planning

The process of land use entitlement, permitting, rezoning, and site plan approval can be extremely complex. We offer a full range of services for our clients seeking government approvals, site design, and the coordination of all applications, plans, and the overall project team as needed to complete the desired project. The BrandX formula for a successful development starts with a deeper understanding of governmental processes, economics of a project, and development regulations. Our process is an effective, and efficient approach to land use planning with special expertise on land use studies, and site-specific design for private development. We pride our-selfs on our ability to coordinate between clients and all levels of government within the State of Florida. The ability to work efficiently with the private sectors allows us to guide projects along the most time- and cost-effective path to success.

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